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Welcome to Ensemble FC Wiki!

This will be a repository where we will gather all sorts of information and useful resources.

Guide Library (content *available publicly* or *Free resource*, contributions mentioned in italics)

Skills & Actions

Level 1 - 50 Skills

Level 50 - 70 Skills

Level 70 - 80 Skills


Carpenter (CRP)

Blacksmith (BSM)

Armorer (ARM)

Goldsmith (GSM)

Leatherworker (LTW)

Weaver (WVR)

Alchemist (ALC)

Culinarian (CUL)

Miner (MIN)

Botanist (BTN)

Fisher (FSH)


Leve-pack Guides

Ishgardian Guides

Other levelling Guides

Gear Items


Food Items

Pre-Patch Preparation

Cheat Sheets & Diagrams

Crafting Glossary

Gathering Glossary

Things of interest